Tunisia Health will help you in all your your steps from the time you register on our site.
Following are the steps to complete your project with us, Please read attentively reading this guide.

Individual quotation request :

You can get free consultation with one of our surgeons.
We need you to :

  • Fill in the quote form
  • Send us the pictures of parts of your body you wish to treat.

Receipt of the request :

Upon receipt of your quotation and your photos, your file will be sent to our surgeon, confidentially, to make the diagnosis. Your quotation will be sent as soon as possible.
Our advisor will call you to ensure that you have received your quotation, and he will give you more details in relation to your response and will help you plan your trip.

The decision to make the operation :

Once your decision is made, you can send us an confirmation e-mail or you can request a callback and we will contact you immediately.
To confirm the reservation you have to contact us by e-mail and give us the details of your flight reservation.
NB: Before booking the flight check the availability of your surgeon during the travel.

Arrival in Tunisia :

The day of your arrival,You will be welcomed at airport by our personal assistant. He will drive you directly to the clinic and will ensure all your internal medical transportation during your stay with us.

Pre operative consultation :

Once at the clinic, you will have a pre operative consultation with your surgeon. He will explain the course of the procedure and will answer all your questions.
NB: do not forget to bring with you the results of your medical tests.

Postoperative :

After surgery you will spend one to two nights at the clinic depending on your health condition and the rest of your residence you will spend it at the hotel. You will always be in contact with our medical team and our assistant.

The day of departure :

Your assistant will pick you up from the hotel, he is responsible for driving you back to the airport.