Facelift Or Rhytidectomy


With age, the facial skin loses its tone ( firmness) which will give an aged and tired facial appearance. The cervicofacial facelift is a surgical procedure that helps to get rid of ridaes on the face and neck.


The facelift intervention/h2>
During surgery, the surgeon makes (made ) incisions in the forehead , in front and behind the ear, around the lobe, which enables it to take off the skin of the face and neck to even out the tension .

Skin incisions neck facelift are hidden mostly in the hair ( at the temples and neck ) and around the ear.

A cervicofacial facelift usually takes between 2 and 3 hours and performed under general anesthesi.


After facelift surgery

The patient is hospitalized between 2-3 days depending on the clinical condition. During his postoperative stay in the clinic will be followed by her doctor and have all necessary nursing care ( dressing changes , administration of analgesics to alleviate post-operative pain).

The surgery ( e) should not worry about the appearance of edema (swelling of the skin) and blue bruises that disappear after 3 weeks.

The final result will be significant between 3-4 months of the intervention, but the scars will diminish only to the sixth month.


Duration of stay in Tunisia

The length of stay for a cervicofacial lift in Tunisia is determined to allow the surgery ( e) have the necessary before leaving home care and be followed by his surgeon to avoid any complications that may arise.

It should be noted that the rare complications come in after the surgery 48 hours.

The patient must spend at least 5 days after surgery in Tunisia and the total period of stay is 7 days.