Rhinoplasty is a surgery for any person who psychologically or socially embarrassed by the shape of his nose. Reshape nose by reducing or increasing size, removing hump, changing shape of tip or bridge, narrowing span of nostrils, or changing angle between nose and upper lip.


The Rhinoplasty intervention

Rhinoplasty overcomes many imperfections of the nose, the most common are :

– The bump on the nose
– Too-wide nose
– Pointed nose

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasted between 1 h and 1:30 h


After the Rhinoplasty intervention

The postoperative stay is one night and postoperative monitoring in most cases marked by: swelling, bruising around the eyes that dissappear after 10 days.


Duration of residence in Tunisia

The length of residence for a Rhinoplasty in tunisia is determined to allow the surgery having the necessary care before leaving and the patient be followed by his surgeon to avoid any complications that may arise. the total period of residence is 5 days.

It should be noted that the rare complications come 48 hours after the surgery.